Noce Travertine

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    Noce tumbled 2x4.jpg

Noce Travertine , also know as” Brown Travertine, Travertino Noche, Travertino Noce, Turkish Noce Travertine”  is a beige &brown coloured natural stone, slight variations of beige tones with  natural holes, ” characteristic to travertine stones” which are filled to make “filled” finish. It might show  darker or white  shaded areas. It can be presented with cross cut or vein cut. Soho tiles offer large variety of sizes and finished such as: Filled and honed, tumbled, Brushed and Chiselled, honed and Polished.

Colour Noce
Available Sizes 12"x12", Mosaics
Available Finishes Tumbled

Noce Travertine is available in:

  • Noce Travertine
    12" x 12"
    Noce Travertine

    Noce Travertine

  • Noce 1"x1" Cubics
    1"x1" cubics
    Noce 1

    Noce 1"x1" Cubics

  • Noce 1"x1" Splitface
    1"x1" Splitface
    Noce 1

    Noce 1"x1" Splitface

  • Noce 1"x2" Cubics
    1"x2" Cubics
    Noce 1

    Noce 1"x2" Cubics

  • Noce 2"x2"
    2" x 2" Mosaics
    Noce 2

    Noce 2"x2"

  • Noce 2"x4"
    2" x 4" Subway
    Noce 2

    Noce 2"x4"

  • Noce 2"x6" Palermo
    2"x6" Mosaics
    Noce 2

    Noce 2"x6" Palermo

  • Noce 3"x6"
    3" x 6"
    Noce 3

    Noce 3"x6"

  • Noce 4"x4"
    4" x 4"
    Noce 4

    Noce 4"x4"

  • Noce 6"x6"
    6" x 6"
    Noce  6

    Noce 6"x6"

  • Noce 7"x21" Cubics
    7"x21" Cubics
    Noce  7

    Noce 7"x21" Cubics

  • Noce 7"x21" Splitface
    7"x21" splitface
    Noce 7

    Noce 7"x21" Splitface

  • Noce Random str.
    Random Strip Mosaics
    Noce Random str.

    Noce Random str.

  • Noce Roman
    Roman Pattern
    Noce Roman

    Noce Roman

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